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PTO Budget FAQ

What are PTO dollars spent on?

A variety of projects – with the largest portion of funds going directly to student enrichment!  Please see the article “How are PTO funds allocated and dispersed?” for pie charts and explanations on what projects are all supported by PTO funds.

Where can I find the budget?

A copy of the budget is available in the school office by request.

How is the budget decided?

The budget is decided in a series of meetings in the spring and presented at the April PTO meeting. It is

then is voted upon by the PTO membership at the May PTO meeting. These meetings are open to all

PTO members.

What is a committed balance?

Several budget items have a committed balance. This is when the budgeted money for that item is

not spent in the budget year, and the amount is allowed to be carried over to the succeeding year (or

years). Some items only roll over for two years, while others (such as technology and playground) have

their monies roll over every year which allows for a larger purchase in future years. More like a savings

account for that item.

Why is our bank balance what it is?

Horn’s fundraising income has been less than our yearly expenses. This allows us to cover what losses

there are. The money for committed balances is included in the bank balance so some of the bank

balance is earmarked for budget items and is not available as disposable cash. Having money reserved

allows Horn to make purchases in addition to the budget if required and approved according to the PTO


What if we want to make a special purchase?

Every year we take requests for special items, such as the drums and the volleyball net. The PTO then

has a discussion on these items and a vote follows the following month on whether or not that item

is purchased. If you have a special item you would like to request, you may make a presentation at a

PTO meeting, or an email request. Quotes must be provided, and the deadline for the year is March 1.

How do I get a bigger budget for my committee or budget item?

A request must be made prior to March 1 for the following year. It will then be considered in the budget

planning meeting. In most circumstances the PTO is aware of the need for a larger budget line when

required but please bring it to our attention if you feel it is being overlooked.

I still don’t understand the budget or what we spend PTO money on.

The treasurer of the PTO (Francine Rathe and Mei-ling Joiner) is more than willing to sit down if you have specific questions on where the money goes, or if you want the budget explained. Just call or send an email and they would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions.  Please contact our treasurer through our online contact us form.

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