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Shop Amazon For Horn PTO

Did you know that shopping at Amazon can earn the Horn PTO funds?  The Horn PTO can earn anywhere from 4% to 10% of all purchases made at Amazon! All that is required is for you to enter the Amazon website by clicking the Amazon image/logo link below, shopping and checking out as typical.  What a great way to support the Horn PTO by everyday shopping – no additional time or expense necessary.

Please note, that you must enter the Amazon site using the image link above for the Horn PTO to get credit for your purchases. Once you have entered the Amazon website using the image link above, you will NOT see any visual indicator or be notified that your purchases will help the Horn PTO.  However, by clicking the link above, Amazon does track that you came from the Horn PTO website and credits the Horn PTO amazon account with a percentage of your total purchases.

Anyone – friends, family, neighbors – can use the Horn PTO Amazon link above.  It contains our Horn PTO tracking information in it.  You can also bookmark the Amazon link to directly use verses having to always first navigate to the Horn PTO website.

Products do NOT cost more when accessed through the Horn PTO Amazon link above.

When shopping with Amazon through the link above, here are some things to consider:

Q. When I shop at Amazon using the linked image above, will I see anything that shows I am shopping for Horn PTO?
A. No, nothing will identify that your shopping will benefit the Horn School PTO. The link above has a special identifier for our Horn PTO and under the covers Amazon will track that you entered their site through the Horn PTO website and will give Horn PTO credit for purchases. Also – your privacy is key.  The Horn PTO does not know who ordered what and when – all of that is kept very confidential. The PTO gets paid monthly based on total sales.

Q. What if I added items to my cart before I clicked on the Amazon image link above?  Will those purchases be counted towards Horn PTO total sales?

A. It is not likely that any purchases in the cart before entering the Amazon web store the Horn PTO website will earn the PTO funds. It is best to:

  1. Enter Amazon store through the Horn PTO website by clicking on the image/link
  2. Shop as you normally would and add items to your cart
  3. Check out your order.

If you forget to enter Amazon through our Horn PTO amazon links, it is best to delete items from the cart and start over to make sure those purchases will count towards Horn PTO funds.

Q. What if I start adding items to my cart, walk away, and continue processing my
order at a later time?
A.  You must complete your purchase via checkout within 24 hours from entering the Amazon site through the Horn PTO website otherwise the sales will not contribute to Horn PTO funds.  If more than 24 hours have passed, remove items from your cart, re-enter Amazon through the Horn PTO website image/links (like above), add the items back to your cart and checkout.

Q. How much can the PTO earn through their Amazon link?
A.  The Horn PTO earns a percentage of total sales.  We earn anywhere between 4% and 10% based on monthly sale volume (ie the more purchases made, the higher the percentage the Horn PTO will receive back).  Some items will have a capped contribution amount such as high end TVs and computers.  There are some items that are excluded from contributing to Horn PTO funds such as kindle digital purchases, app purchases from the Android store, service fees such as wireless contracts, etc.



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