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Silent Auction

apple_supportThe Silent Auction is one of the PTO’s best fundraisers!   Volunteers from the school solicit donations from the community and surrounding areas and we hold a silent auction during the school Carnival.  What is a silent auction?  It is when items are put up for bid but instead of an auctioneer and paddles to bid with, you write down your bid on a bid sheet outbidding the buyer above.  The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the prize for that amount.  You can also purchase an item for the Cash and Carry price and then you can take it home without waiting for the end of the auction.  You don’t need to be there to win the prize!  We get lots of fun items such as gift certificates to restaurants and Hawkeye items.  Parents are encouraged to donate new items and/or give a cash donation for items to be purchased (if they wish).  There are also “Teacher Parties” which are activities such as bowling or pizza parties with groups of teachers that are auctioned off.  The Teacher Parties are some of the most popular items at the Silent Auction.  So when you come to the school Carnival be sure to stop by the gym and check out all that there is at the Silent Auction. PS, if you want to volunteer, there is always room for help!

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