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Horn Top 10

Welcome to Horn School! Here is our top 10 pieces of information created by Horn parents for Horn parents to help transition into the school. We hope you find it helpful!

  1. HOW DO I DROP OFF AND PICK UP MY KIDS FROM HORN: Horn school parking lot is a very congested and busy place during school start and stop times.  Please reference the Horn Birds-Eye Map for information about where to park and the drive thru lane. Please note that the parking lot in Horn is one-directional. If you will be driving your children to and/or from school, you will have couple of options when arriving at Horn:
    1. Drive through lane for curb side drop-off & pickup:   Horn has teachers and staff in front of the school to help direct kids into the right car for pickup as well as to assist kids getting to their correct location in the morning after drop off.  You can use the drive thru lane to drop off your kids and pick them up without having to park your car and walk. (Note: Typically the teachers have preferred a parent/adult to walk their kindergarteners to their designated school entrance and stay with their child until the first bell rings and they can enter into the building, verses curb side drop off.)  The drive thru line for drop off and pick up starts along the top of the parking lot (beside the 5/6 wing) in the spaces marked along the curb.  Please do not leave your car unattended in those areas as it will cause a great deal of traffic congestion.  The space in front of the school main entrance is for the school bus.  After the bus has left, then the teachers will instruct the line to move forward.  Make sure your child is in the right hand side of the car for easy unloading.  The drive thru queue will start to form 10-15 minutes before school release time and will often backup onto Koser lane.  Be prepared to typically wait ~10 minutes in the drive thru line to pick up your children.
    2. Parking at Horn and walking your kids to/from the school: Parking is first come first serve.  If you are planning to get out of your vehicle, please park in the parking lot, not along the side of the school.  The side of the school is reserved for School Buses (in front of the front door) and for drive thru curb side drop off and pick up only.  After school there is parking allowed on Koser and Oakcrest which makes for a faster get-a-away.  The bus lane on Emerald is for BUSES only.  It is not a drop off/pick up site.  You may park on Emerald in the designated areas.  Please watch out for the patrols and do not park under the DO NOT PARK signs.  Please be courteous of other drivers and try to be patient :)
  2. HOURS: School gets out at 3:00pm.  On every Thursday there is early school let out at 2:00pm.  Kindergarten rooms will let out 5 minutes ahead of the rest of the school each day.  The first school bell rings at 8:25 am and all students should be in their classrooms by 8:30 am (else considered tardy).
  3. WHERE DO I  PICK UP MY STUDENT AND DROP THEM OFF?  If you are walking, biking or parking, where you pick up  your child depends on their grade:
    1. K-front door of school
    2. 1/2 grade outside their classroom doors
    3. 3/4 Front door (they have lockers)
    4. 5/6 outside the end of the 5/6 wing.

    After school dismissal, all kids should remain by the school vs. trying to find you in the parking lot – this keeps everyone safe.  When dropping your kids off, they will wait outside their classroom doors (all grades) until the first school bell rings at 8:25 am.  It is preferred that kids are not inside the school before the first bell unless they are part of the before school program or you need to speak with staff/teachers.  IF the wind chill is below 0 degrees, (or if it is storming) kids may go in the front door.

  4. IS THERE A BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM AVAILABLE? Horn has an Extended Day Program (EDP) which is a non-profit organization that provides child care for kids in the Horn Neighborhood.  It is located at Horn school from 7 AM – 8:30 AM and 3 PM – 5:45 PM M,T,W,F and from 2 PM – 5:45 PM on Thursdays.  For more information contact the EDP program director, Abbey Borg, at 319-325-7897.
  5. KEEPING INFORMED ABOUT THE CLASSROOM:  Typically a folder of information comes home with your child each Friday (and/or classroom updates are posted to the Horn School website).   Check your child’s Friday folder for school information and homework.  Older students (1st grade up) also have a daily Transport folder in their backpacks for classroom homework.  Classroom webpages can also be found on the Horn school web site http://www.edline.net/pages/Ernest_Horn_ES and general school news/events are also found on the PTO website www.ichornpto.org.  The school newsletter, the Horn Piper, comes home once a month at the beginning and contains items such as the lunch menu for that month.
  6. LIBRARY BOOKS:  Each classroom has a different library day.  Make note, as some of the classrooms compete on who can make it without overdue books for the week.
  7. HOW TO GET INVOLVED?  There are many ways to get involved and we would love to have your help!  The PTO website has many volunteer opportunities and the teachers may ask for help in the classrooms throughout the year.  From simple things such as saving Box Tops, to planning class parties, keep an eye out for opportunities.  Also, the PTO and school will send out email announcements with on-line signup forms about school volunteer opportunities.  If you don’t ever see Horn emails in your inbox, double check your spam/trash folder to make sure they are not inadvertently being sent there.
  8. PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION MEETINGS:  PTO meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month in the Horn Library/Media center.  EVERYONE (Dad’s included) is welcome!  If your child goes to Horn Elementary you are an automatic PTO member.  Feel free to bring your children with you and bring a quiet activity to help occupy them for the duration of the meeting.
  9. WINTER CARNIVAL:  The winter carnival is held in early February and it is our biggest fund raiser.  Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities as it takes a village, or in this case a whole school.
  10. CONFUSED? NEED HELP?  There is a wonderful document called the Horn Translator that is a great reference guide to Horn school services, activities, vocabulary, and events.  There are always a number of parents hanging around after dropping off children in the morning and at pick up after school. Feel free to ask them about anything.  Lisa and Brooke in the school office are a font of knowledge and available for help.  Teachers and Mrs. Cannon are also available to answer questions.  Don’t be afraid to ask!



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