December PTO Minutes

HORN PTO MINUTES – 12/13/2016

Thank you to all Horn parents and Horn staff who were able to join us.  If you have a question or a comment, please contact us through our online Contact Us form. Our next meeting will be January 10th.

Horn PTO – December 13, 2016 Agenda


  1. Welcome and approval November minutes – Jen Kruse
  2. DPO update and summary of November meeting – Laura Broffitt
  3. Legislative Lobbying
  4. FMP (Facilities Master Plan)
  • December – thought exchange
  • January – suggested changes
  1. PTO toolkit – fundraising ideas exchanged
  2. Next meeting – December 14; Topic – FMP. Garner.
  3. Dates to go to Des Moines for lobbying in 2017 that district will publish.


  1. Teacher Updates – Kindergarten teachers
  • Cummins, Mrs. Rancour, and Mrs. Schwenker.
  • Gingerbread week à kids are learning how to compare & contrast, as well as use math activities around them.
  • HMH – district given material.
  • Osmo à 3 iPads per classroom. Kids use them to learn words, numbers, and 10 grams.  Device that hooks onto top of iPad recognizes things that are below.  They use this to learn beginning sound activities, missing letters, tells kids if they got the sound/letter correct.  They use this every day.  If they get through all of the words (10 total), then it tells the kids that they have won.  Able to get this through Microsoft grant that the school won.  Used to help get the iPads and Chromebooks.
  • Looking to change smart board set up to interactive projector in order to interact with. Headset with audio device to project around the room against white board.  Sound levels the same throughout the room with the speakers.  This new technology will be coming to school.
  • Science à physical science. Before the kids learned about wood, fabric, and paper.  Now they have added materials in motion for this year.
  • Rug party à splits the kids, 1/3 per class, and intermingle with the other kindergarten classes. Rancour teaches social studies, Mrs. Schwenker teaches health, and Ms. Cummins teaches Science.  3 days per week for 45 minutes.  Build friendships with kids in other classrooms.  Get to experience other teaching styles.


  1. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Cannon
    1. Boy Scouts earned and donated $100 to the school for playground fund.
    2. PBIS à Positive Behavior Intervention Support. Work on expectations in common areas, e.g. how to behave when walking in hallways, bathroom, lunch, etc.
  • Tier I à ways to meet expectations. g. Work towards all school movie party with Horn Olympics team by meeting with expectations
  • Tier II à for kids struggling with expectations (attendance, office referrals). Check in and check out.  Partner up with teacher.  Talk about expectations with teacher in AM.  How to work towards goal.  The teacher might be a specials teacher.
  • Horn stars are earned by meeting the expectations. The kids earn tickets.  3 tickets drawn daily.
  • The Golden Ticket is when the homeroom teacher nominates a student from their class to earn the ticket. Positive office referral à teacher identifies something that is over the top.  Get to share with Principal Cannon, and then sign a certificate.
  • School moto is to be respective, responsible and caring.
    1. MTSS à Multi-Tiered Student Support System. Three tiered system.  For helping students who have academic trouble or behavioral problems.  Every week teachers get together for professional learning community.  Look at student data for the grade level.  How they are performing.  Any issues the students are having.  Teachers try different strategies to help them academically or socially.  If not getting better, then referred to Tier II à SST Student Support Team.  Students check in an out.  Look at specific interventions.  Look to see if needs are not being met for the kids.  See if things need to be changed (e.g. intervention, support for area such as reading/math, how to get to school). Teachers come and give their input as well.  Look to see if there is a learning disability.  Grant Wood AEA can come to give counseling and support.

Parents get notified at Tier II (same with PBIS).



  1. Treasurer’s Report – Peter Abbott
    1. Football Parking Total à Hoped to get $2250. Made $4570
    2. Fall Fund Drive Total à A little over $5000
    3. Book fair totals à Cash alone was $1399.  Credit card receipts pending.
    4. Bake sale à $122
    5. Waffle Dinner à$622
    6. Vendor à 8-10 tables.
    7. Check from UICCU credit union à $250 from their members.
    8. Hudson’s fundraiser à $170
    9. Running balance à $35,000 range.
    10. Playground check for $30,000 has been paid off.
    11. Checks to reimburse teachers will be coming before winter break.
    12. Receipts for all the money that was donated for the fall fund drive will be coming in the next month to the people who donated.
    13. Still need to fundraise for the remaining of the playground. Will need about $20,000.  Need to recruit a team and see if some business would like to help donate.  We could (or will) get a bench that we can list the significant donors.


  1. November Recap
  2. Parent/Teacher Conferences à good turn out from parents.  Thanks to Kathryn for organizing the meals.
  3. Scholastic Book Fair Week
  4. Chess Club changes à now only open for 3rd-6th   Maybe after winter break allow younger kids to come.
  5. Spanish Club updates à going well. 20ish students.
  6. Waffle dinner à issues with lines and electricity struggle. Some fuses burnt out.  Went well overall.  Once it got going, went faster.  Approximately 270 people came.


  1. On the Horizon
  2. Winter Parties – December 21st
  3. No School December 22 – January 4
  4. Horn hosts DPO – January 11, in the gym, 11:30-1. Student council can be greeters to show people where to go.
  5. Dance Marathon – January. Put on by student council,
  6. Carnival Meeting – to be scheduled. Have a separate meeting in January about the carnival.  Silent Auction, games in classrooms.   Will be done on March.  1St  Get tickets to play games.  Cake walk and café.


  1. CSPO Update à December 20th is Bingo for Books.


  1. Other business/Adjourn




Jen Kruse

Laura Broffitt

Peter Abbott

Heena Olalde

Holly Hansen

Andy and Emily Phillips

Aithea Miller

Kristen Cannon

Jill Swenker

Emily Rancour

Sara Cummins