November PTO Minutes

HORN PTO MINUTES – 11/01/2016

Thank you to all Horn parents and Horn staff who were able to join us.  If you have a question or a comment, please contact us through our online Contact Us form. Our next meeting will be December 13th.

Horn PTO – November 1, 2016 Minutes under each agenda item


  1. Welcome and approval October minutes – Jen Kruse
  2. DPO update and summary of October meeting – Laura Broffitt
  3. Foundation Update
  • ¾ restaurants reporting, made $8,000
  • All 8th graders in district got to go to Step Hancher, all 4th graders going to Symphony Nov. 15, Maker Spaces for HS


  1. Financial Update
  • Upcoming bond issue—needs to pass
  1. Voluntary Transfer
  • Secondary due Dec. 1
  • Elementary due Mar. 1
  • Will send out letters to families soon—one for students who will be grandfathered, and then another to rest of families
  • Families can apply for pay to ride program, and then they will incorporate those families into routes; this year, 413 received busing and 2 did not
  1. Weighted Resource Allocation Model
  • Main goals: improved proficiency in reading, math, educational opportunities
  • Purpose: put resources where there are opportunities for growth
  • Class sizes determined by FRL %
    • Concerns in some schools about support staff and coverage available
  1. Next meeting – November 9 at Coralville Central; Topic – PTO Toolkit Presentations—topics like reaching families, fundraising


  1. Teacher Updates – 4th grade teachers
  • Abbott—cart of 30 Chromebooks for 4th grade classrooms to share
    • goal: to make the Chromebooks a learning tool for everything else they do
    • improving engagement already
    • they can upload to Classroom folders, share Google Docs


  • Bartachek
    • Kahoot
    • PearDeck—mapping skills for Social Studies
    • Finishing the “Peopling of the U.S.”
    • Upcoming—looking at regions, major cities of United States
  • Dallman
    • Science—Soils, Rocks, Minerals now
    • Next kit—energy; some crossover with electric circuits 3rd grade kit


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Peter Abbott
  • Online plus cash/check donations: $4,736 so far
  • Current account balance: roughly $37,000


  1. October Recap
  2. Horn Olympics

Teams getting incorporated into PBIS program

  1. Track Club/Run for the Schools
  2. Visiting Author

Delia Ray—Paid by Foundation for 5th and 6th grade

  1. International Night
  • Upcoming committee follow up meeting to touch base about how to plan for next year—reflect on what went well, what we could do better
  • One proposal: have an international potluck in the evening
  1. Halloween Parties


  1. Updates and Happenings for November
  2. Fall Fund Drive – Laura Broffitt
  3. Winter Clothing Drive – Saturday November 5 – Betty Tannous
  4. Chess Club – Mondays after school with Mr. Rabe
  5. Parent-Teacher Conferences – Nov. 10 and Nov. 16 (meal signups went out last week)
  6. No School Nov 16, Nov 23-25


  1. Scholastic Book Fair Update – Jen Frisvold
  • Theme: Pirates, Bookaneers
  • Scheduled for next year around same time
  • Suggestion: program called All for One—set up a coin drive/raffle to raise money to purchase books for fair and give those as raffle prizes for kids who can’t otherwise afford to purchase books
  • $8,200 in sales last year (we kept approx. 2,300); we’ve taken it all in cash, but they suggest taking some in Scholastic Dollars (we get a greater percentage that way)
    • Possible to go 50/50 cash/Scholastic Dollars
  • Still a question about whether to have a dinner that night.


  1. CSPO Update/Spanish Club Update
  • Lucy—Classroom Parent Representatives—currently have one per grade (would like one per class)
    • Making personal connections with families
  • Word Art Board at International Night
  • Pairing with PTO on winter clothing give away
  • Next Sat. dessert event—bring a family favorite dessert
  • Sent a classroom flyer to gather art to hang on lockers for dessert event
  • Student group: doing a sports around the world event (through announcements in classrooms)
  • Next project: to determine how many students from how many different countries we have here
  • Portrait project: trying to get photographs of every kid in the building
  • Spanish club: forms going out to 5/6 grade students; capped at 22 kids
    • Forms, classrooms, WHS students ready to go
    • After school T/Th after Thanksgiving
    • Registration then lottery to see which kids can participate


  1. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Cannon

Reminder: Friday is Coins for Caps

  1. PBIS
  2. MTSS


  1. Carnival Chair and Silent Auction Chair (co-chairs)
    • Carnival moved back to March 4 but still need a chair


  1. Other business/Adjourn






Heena Olalde

Jen Kruse

Laura Broffitt

Kathryn Morrily

Jen Frisvold

Kaitlin Bartachek

Chelsea Dallman

Althea Miller

Sara Cummins

Pete Abbott

Kristen Cannon

Abbey Abbott