It is wonderful to be apart of a school and a community that has so much to offer.  It can also be a challenge to keep up to date with everything going on.  Our resources pages are written by Horn parents for Horn parents as a way to share knowledge, resources and tips.  Do you have something you would like to share? We would love to hear about it.  Please send us a message using our on-line “Contact Us” form.



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Horn School Extra-Curricular Programs

Horn school sponsors several extra-curricular programs for students.  Additionally, there are several extra-curricular programs that not directly sponsored by Horn School or the PTO, but use Horn facilities or have involved Horn students over the years.  Here are a few programs that might be of interest for your student.  Watch for additional details to come …

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Other Calendars

An important part of our Horn PTO website is our calendar of all events.  We post PTO events on our calendar as soon as we lock in a date because we know scheduling is complicated.  We also track important Horn school and ICCSD district events on our calendar, however our calendar is not meant to …

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Room Parent Getting Started

Serving as a room parent is a wonderful way to contribute to your child’s classroom, as well as get to know other parents and your child’s classmates. Every teacher works with room parents differently so please communicate with your child’s teacher about how room parents can be helpful. Room parents assist with classroom parties (such as …

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Staying Up to Date with Horn Events

There are so many wonderful events that happen at Horn School and the Iowa City area.  As busy parents, we understand how hard it is to keep up to date and keep track of all the neat things going on.  To help with this, we have designed our website with the following features: Email subscriptions …

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The Horn Translator

The Horn Translator is a cheat sheet to all things Horn. Keep this document for the entire year!  This guide provides an explanation of events, classroom procedures and many other important happenings around Horn.  When you find yourself scratching your head when your child comes home telling you it is time to ‘DEAR’—you can refer to …

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Sep 10

Coming Soon! Horn Chess Club

kids chess

Thanks to sponsoring staff member Lee Rabe, Band Teacher, we are starting a Chess Club at Horn.  The club will meet Thursday mornings before school, from 7:45-8:25 a.m.  A starting date has not been set.  We are seeking parent volunteers to assist Mr. Rabe in teaching kids how to play chess and supervising games.  If you are interested, please …

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