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Staying Up to Date with Horn Events

There are so many wonderful events that happen at Horn School and the Iowa City area.  As busy parents, we understand how hard it is to keep up to date and keep track of all the neat things going on.  To help with this, we have designed our website with the following features:

  • Email subscriptions to the website content.  Once you have provided your email (via the “Keep In Touch” widget in the right hand panel),  when new “Front page news” is added you will receive an email with the new post.  We do not share any email addresses outside the Horn PTO.
  • A subscription calendaring system.   Our calendar on the website is backed by public google calendars.  You can subscribe to these calendars in several calendaring programs such as Microsoft Outlook.  You can also just export individual events to your online calendar.
  • Sharable content.  If you find an article or post especially useful, you can use the “Share This” buttons at the bottom to post the article to your favorite social networking site or email it.
  • Feedback on every article and post.  If you especially like an article or post, click the “Like This” button found at the bottom of the page.  We will use this feedback to help us know the type of content parents are finding useful and it will direct new content on the site.
  • On-line “Contact Us” form.   Now you don’t have to hunt for any personal email addresses – use this form to contact any member of the PTO and we will make sure it gets routed to the right person.  We love getting email with feedback and new ideas.



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Beta – Email Notification of Virtual Backpack Additions

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Email Notification of Additional News

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Subscribing to the Horn PTO Calendars

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