Beta – Email Notification of Virtual Backpack Additions

As a parent, I love the concept of the Virtual Backpack. What a neat way to see all types of interesting family events in the Iowa City and surrounding areas.  However, for me, the problem with Virtual Backpack is my inability to keep up with it :) It is hard for me to remember to consistently check the Virtual Backpack webpage, and challenging to figure out what changed (ie which fliers are new) since the last time I checked.

As a beta, completely as-is service, you can subscribe to receive email notifications with a list of all NEW virtual backpack fliers when they are posted.  The check for new fliers occurs once a day at night time, and if there are changes from the last time the check was performed then an email with a list of URL links for all NEW virtual backpack content is sent out.

Again, your email addresses are not distributed or shared externally by the Horn PTO.

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